New 2015 US Mags Wheels – Vintage, Classic, One-Piece, Two-Piece, Cast


New 2015 US Mags Rims: Standard U102/U107/U204/U205, Rambler U110/U111, Milner U215

The wheels of U.S. Mags are known for their classic looks and vintage style, and the new 2015 wheels are an outstanding continuation of that legacy. Their clean lines and elegant styling will be the perfect complement any vintage car– and they’ll add instant class to modern vehicles. These rims are old-school but they’ve got something for everyone: whether you’re restoring a classic car to its original glamour; if you want to make your family or commuter car a bit more eye-catching; or if you want to make your luxury ride look even more elegant. You can choose between classic chrome, sleek black, or mysterious gray and gunmetal; no matter what you choose, the results will look outstanding.

This year sees four new additions to the classic Standard rim: U107, in striking glossy black with a diamond-cut lip; U204 with a matte, textured gunmetal finish; U205 with a brushed finish, clear-coated for shine and protection; U102, in a cool textured grey with a diamond cut lip. A new style has hit the line as well– Rambler, with clean-cut lines and sharp angles, in chrome (U110) or textured gunmetal with a diamond cut lip (U111). This year’s other new rim is an addition to the Milner style: in addition to the polished finish, you can now get this gracefully styled wheel with a brushed and clear-coated finish (U215).

To see all of the new and existing US Mags rims: US Mags Wheels.

To order your US Mags wheels, our wheel experts are standing by to assist you at 1-800-232-0734. They have decades of combined experience and tons of knowledge to make sure that you get the wheels that fit just right on your vehicle. In fact, we guarantee the right fitment or your money back. With their help, you’re sure to get the wheels that have the right fitment and style to make your vehicle stand out, and the perfect tires to maximize its ride.

new 2015 US mags wheels rims


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