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Since 1983, Falken has been making huge strides in the tire industry,  being a game-changer for the car and truck tire industry and making their name known in professional motorsports. From the beginning, Falken was intended to be a brand dedicated to ultra-high-performance products; in just two years, Falken made the jump from its homeland in Japan to the North American market and the company has made itself at home worldwide ever since. The Falken name represents top-quality performance tires that both individual and professional drivers depend on– and when they need new tires, they keep coming back to Falken, because they know it’s a brand they can trust.

In addition to rapidly spreading across the global tire market, Falken has been making a name for themselves in professional racing and motorsports. Both on the track and on the dirt, Falken’s brand has been winning titles left and right throughout their history, and their fame only continues to grow. In 2003, Falken was at the forefront of introducing drifting to America, participating in the inaugural U.S. drifting event, the Drift Showoff in California. That same year, Falken was there at the first competitive drifting event in the U.S., the D1 Grand Prix. 2005 saw Falken claim the honor of having the first import car t0 win an official Formula Drift event. For two consecutive years, 2012 and 2013, Falken took home the win at the King of the Hammers Every Man Challenge, considered by many to be the most difficult off-road stock class race in North America.

But they’re not just in it for the trophies– from that variety of competition environments, Falken’s research and development department has made bigger and bigger strides in developing superior tires for personal use as well as professional. Their developments in competition translate to an even better tire for their customers.

From the Sincera touring tire in 1988, to the WildPeak A/T sport utility and light truck tire in 2010, Falken’s tires cover a wide range of needs with top-level performance. Call us today at 1-800-232-0734 so our tire experts can help you pick the perfect Falken tire for your vehicle. With decades of combined experience, they’re ideally equipped to find the right tire at the right price for your ride and your budget.

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