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Kumho Tires may be a modest name in the tire industry, but there’s nothing small-time about their ambition, innovations, or the quality of their products. Founded in the 60’s in South Korea, they have endured against tough competition and all the rocky changes of the industry to become a strong presence in the business– becoming the 9th largest tire company in the world today. They’re all about safety and development of new and better tire tech. They’re also closely involved in the arts and culture of South Korea, handing out scholarships and operating a high-tech and popular classical music venue in Seoul.

If you take a look at Kumho’s tire options, you’ll see a wide range of products sharing a specific vision: safety, top-quality performance regardless of tire type, and eco-friendliness. Both the Kumho factory and its products are engineered with environmental protection in mind; they are also involved in the EPA’s Smartway program, intended to reduce pollution caused by commercial trucks. Many of their tires are available as options featuring run-flat technology: these specially-reinforced tires have stronger sidewalls to maintain structural integrity in the event of a full-pressure-loss puncture. This safety feature preserves the handling of a flat tire so that drivers stay safer; it lets you maneuver your vehicle off the road so you never have to worry about getting stranded on a potentially dangerous part of the highway. If you’re in an urban area, a run-flat tire may even get you to the nearest auto shop to get a replacement– no towing required.

For ultra-high-performance enthusiasts, take a look at the ECSTA series. These tires come in a range of options and each one is finely tuned to suit a range of driving styles. Many of the ECSTA tires can transition effortlessly from street to track, perfect for weekend racers and casual competition. They’re available with directional, symmetric, and asymmetric treads. There’s also the SOLUS tire line, with choices in high performance and touring types. They offer comfort and a quiet ride, plus traction and stability design features to handle any excitement that comes your way on the road.

Their SUV and light truck options are equally impressive. Be sure to look at the ECO SOLUS and Road Venture selections; these wheels are engineered with the performance needs of light trucks and SUVs in mind, they’re tough enough for any weather and any terrain. They have tread patterns and grooves to provide outstanding results in the city and on the back-roads.

To see Kumho’s tire selection: Kumho tires.

To buy the best Kumho tires for your driving needs, call us at 1-800-232-0734. Our tire pros have tons of experience in the business. Getting the right fitment is crucial to an optimal driving experience, and our tire experts can guide you towards the Kumho tires that are just right for your vehicle and budget.

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