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hankook racing motorsport tires

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Hankook Tires is a top name in the tire industry, especially among motoring enthusiasts. They’ve come to dominate both retail tire sales and they have a strong presence in the world of motorsports– why? Because their products have become known worldwide for their high quality. Hankook has been in North America since the 80’s and their company has been a tire industry leader in Korea since the 70’s.

Since then, they have been heavily involved in all aspects of the tire business, including research and development. They have research facilities in the USA, China. Korea, Germany, and Japan; with so many facilities, it’s no surprise that they’re on the cutting edge of developing the most advanced tires that offer superior comfort and handling. Their Ventus tire line has repeatedly found high praise and numerous awards in performance and safety tests, and all of their tires are created with high standards in mind.

On the motorsports front, it’s not hard to find their influence. Go to any kind of motoring event nowadays and you’re bound to find their name on at least a few sponsorship decals. Currently, they have an especially strong team in the Formula Drift world, with five drivers in 2014. They drive on Hankook’s Ventus tires, specially engineered for competitive perfection.

Of course, winning competitions is well and good if you’re a competitive driver, but what about the everyday driver? The benefits from all that competitive experience flow down the line to consumers as well– when your tires are repeatedly put to the test in the harsh, demanding environment of motorsports, the people developing them learn a thing or two about how to build a better tire. The tires that Hankook sells for daily driving are every bit as tough and reliable as the ones on their team cars– because they’re built from the same innovations.

Whether it’s for a rally stage or your daily commute, Hankook has plenty of tires to choose from. For ultra high performance cars, the spotless reputation of the Ventus tire line speaks for itself. For high performance and touring cars, there’s choices for both Ventus and for their Optima line; all have tread patterns and design features intended to boost the performance out of your vehicle with the greatest safety and comfort. For those with SUVs and light trucks, the offerings continue to impress. Their tread patterns, lug patterns, and sipe designs are made to maximize handling and traction both on the highway and in the kinds of rough terrain you’d expect to find a tough-built vehicle. Take a look at options from the extensive Dynapro line, as well as a few Ventus choices.

When winter rolls around, you still have a variety of tires to choose from. The Winter i*cept and i*pike tires provide ideal handling no matter what kind of snow and ice the season throws at you. For those with a competitive urge, Hankook has any kind of tire you could want– from full-slick circuit tires to tarmac and gravel rally tires, and all are top-quality and designed to get you to that finish line.

To see the selection of Hankook tires: Hankook tires.

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hankook racing sport tires

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