High Performance Falken Tires, Awesome Deals, All Sizes Available

May 8, 2015 0

Find the perfect Falken tires for car or truck. Our experts are waiting to assist you at 1-800-232-0734. Top performance Falken tires for any vehicle. Since 1983, Falken has been making huge strides in the tire industry,  being a game-changer for the car and truck tire industry and making their name known in professional motorsports. From the beginning, Falken was intended to be a brand dedicated to ultra-high-performance products; in just two years, Falken made the jump from its homeland in Japan to the North American market and the company has made itself at home worldwide ever since. The Falken name represents top-quality performance tires that both individual and professional drivers depend on– and when they need new tires, they keep coming back to Falken, […]

New 2015 US Mags Wheels – Vintage, Classic, One-Piece, Two-Piece, Cast

May 7, 2015 0

New 2015 US Mags Rims: Standard U102/U107/U204/U205, Rambler U110/U111, Milner U215 The wheels of U.S. Mags are known for their classic looks and vintage style, and the new 2015 wheels are an outstanding continuation of that legacy. Their clean lines and elegant styling will be the perfect complement any vintage car– and they’ll add instant class to modern vehicles. These rims are old-school but they’ve got something for everyone: whether you’re restoring a classic car to its original glamour; if you want to make your family or commuter car a bit more eye-catching; or if you want to make your luxury ride look even more elegant. You can choose between classic chrome, sleek black, or mysterious gray and gunmetal; no matter what you choose, the results […]

New 2015 Fuel Wheels – Off-Road Trucks, Racing Truck, Dually, Deep Lip

May 7, 2015 2

New 2015 Fuel Rims: Maverick D542, Nutz D540/D541, Assault D546, Vapor D560/D569, Beast D564, Hostage III D568, Savage D563/D565, Rotor D570, Cleaver D239/D240, Jeremy McGrath Signature Wheel D572, Crush D268. Fuel Off-Road’s truck wheels are a legend among truck enthusiasts, and for good reason. Whether you’re an off-road truck racing professional, or if you just enjoy taking your ride for a spin in your spare time, Fuel’s rims will carry you wherever your truck can take you– and you’ll go in style. The new 2015 wheels especially stand out with their bold looks and aggressive styling. With colors ranging from cool and mysterious anthracite, to striking black and machined combinations, these wheels will look impressive and intimidating even with mud and sand splattered all over […]

New 2015 Niche Wheels – Sport Series, Track Series, Two Piece, Forged

May 7, 2015 1

New 2015 Niche Rims: Project M093/M094, Surge M112/M114, Enyo M115, Misano M116/117, Citrine M155/M156/M161, Form M157/M158, Intake M159/M160, Invert M162/M163, Walker M091/M092. The new rims from Niche Road Wheels combine high-class performance and a wide variety of intriguing styles. This year’s wheels feature striking lines that will stand out on any vehicle, from the sturdy family standbys like Toyota to the exclusive luxury rides like Tesla. The range of finishes runs from classics like silver, to more unusual hues– bronze and dark-tinted machined faces that evoke mystery and boldness. The 2015 Niche rims offer styles for every taste, from classic and clean-cut looks like the Surge (M112 and M114), to the more fanciful and flashy Citrine (M155, M156, M161). There are two lines to choose […]

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