New 2015 TSW Wheels – Staggered Fitment, Racing, 1-Piece, Multi-Piece

new 2015 TSW wheels rims

New 2015 TSW rims: Bathurst, Bristol, Chicane, Nouvelle, Portier, Rascasse, Alloy Wheels, Gunmetal, Silver, Gloss Black, Mirror Cut, Matte Black.

TSW is one of the top names in staggered fitments, and it’s a reputation they have earned. Their wheels are known for their clean-cut lines and bold styling choices, and the 2015 additions continue this trend in grand fashion. The new rims are all keeping it classy with their understated looks, but they are nowhere near dull. The new designs stand out without being overpowering, letting your ride shine at its best. All are available in finishes that look classic but not old-fashioned. If you want to add some elegant style and top-level luxury to your ride, take a look at TSW’s new options.

The simplest new rim this year is the Bristol– it features broad, flat spokes that make a bold statement, but it’s still quiet in its design. This rim comes in matte black and silver with a mirror cut face. For another timeless-looking rim, there’s the Portier; it has forked spokes that are far from standard or plain, with subtle details that make it eye-catching. Look for this wheel in silver with a brushed face and stainless steel lip, and in matte gunmetal with a gloss black lip.

Stepping it up a level is the Bathurst, which features a simple but striking design. It has narrow spokes with low-key details to elevate its looks. It’s available in gloss gunmetal and silver with a mirror cut face. Take a look also at the Chicane, aggressively designed and nicely detailed, and offered in two finishes– gloss black with a mirror cut face, and matte gunmetal.

The last two rims are the most eye-catching. First is the Nouvelle; this one’s not as simple as it looks on first glance and is bound to draw attention to your ride anywhere you go. It’s available in gloss black with a stainless steel lip, or silver with a brushed face and stainless lip. Lastly, there’s the Rascasse rim, which has an artistic feel to it. Probably one of the boldest styles in TSW’s lineup, this one comes in silver with a brushed face and stainless steel lip and matte gunmetal with a gloss black lip.

To see all of TSW’s wheels: TSW wheels.

To order the perfect TSW rims for your ride, call us at 1-800-232-0734. Our experts have decades of experience in the wheel and tire business, and they have the professional knowledge to help you get the right fitment for your vehicle. Our pros are ready to guide you to the wheel and tire fitment you need– in fact, we guarantee proper fitment or your money back.

new 2015 TSW wheels rims

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