New 2016 Foose Wheels – Luxury, Sport, Custom, Hot Rod, Forged, Cast

new 2016 foose custom wheels rims

New 2016 Foose Rims: Slider F161, Slider F162, Voss F164, Voss F163. Gloss black milled, gloss black & machined, chrome. Custom drilled, staggered fitment.

When a wheel company gets its start from a guy who knows a lot about cars and wheels, you know you’re in for some ultimate top quality rims. Foose Wheels gets its name from Chip Foose, who started the company himself. Today, it’s not just the big name that carries the brand– it’s their legendary styles and outstanding durability, pricing, and reliability. These are high-end wheels that are available even to drivers on a budget, so you can get luxury style at much more reasonable price tags. Their premium styles have made the brand well known among hot-rod and custom car enthusiasts, and their innovative manufacturing techniques have sustained that reputation. With a range of sizes and finishes, Foose Wheels truly does have something for everyone.

The new wheel styles for 2016 definitely cater to a wide range of tastes, from the restrained to the more bold and brash. Slider F161 and F162 brings in the flashier end of the spectrum, with in-your-face luxury street styling. Voss F164 and F163 is a bit more low-key; it has clean lines and a fairly simple design, but that just lets its striking design speak for itself. Both rims are available in chrome, Slider’s available in gloss black with milled spokes, and Voss also comes in matte black with machined spokes.

To see all of Foose’s rims, go to: Foose Wheels.

To order Foose wheels for your car, truck, or SUV, call us at 800-232-0734. We have a team of wheel and tire experts ready to assist you. They have decades of experience in the custom wheel industry, so they know how to get you the wheels and tires that are just right. It’s crucial to get that perfect fitment, and with our help, it’s easy to find the wheels and tires that match your budget and your driving needs. We guarantee fitment!

new 2016 foose custom wheels rims


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