New 2016 RBP Wheels – OffRoad, Truck, Forged, Monoblock, Street

new 2016 rbp rolling big power off road truck wheels rims

New 2016 RBP Rims: 64R Widow, 65R Glock, 66R HK-5, 78R Uzi, 79R Assault, 87R Blade. Black machined, chrome, gloss black with machined grooves. Deep Lip.

You know something’s a legend when people know it just by one name, or an abbreviation. Just ask any of the globally known musicians who are recognized by one single name. And since people mostly know Rolling Big Power by their abbreviation, RBP, you can tell they’re a big deal. You don’t even need to give their whole name– just mention those three letters and any truck enthusiast will know which company you mean. And more importantly, they know that RBP is shorthand for bad-ass wheels.

RBP’s become a big name in custom truck and Jeep rims for their striking styling coupled with outstanding durability and strength. These wheels don’t just look great, they can also handle anything that the driver throws at them, from streets to rocks and mud. And they’ll still be impressive even when they’re covered in sand and dirt. They can even tackle snow. RBP has been proving their reputation for years now, and 2016 brings further proof that they’ve earned the “Power” part of “Rolling Big Power”.

This year brings a flood of big bad new wheels. There’s three standard finishes to choose from for most of them: classic chrome, solid full black, and gloss black with CNC milled grooves. Good luck choosing a finish; these wheels look great in any option. 64R Widow has a hooked, angular style of spokes, like the legs of the black widow spider that may have inspired the name. This one’s available in full black and milled black, and it also comes in black with a machined face. This one’s an intimidating rim in any finish. Another new one, 65R Glock; this one’s got a look that’s just as aggressive as it’s name and will catch attention anywhere you go. This one is available in chrome as well as solid and milled black, and the glossy milled finish is especially eye-grabbing. 66R HK-5 is the Glock’s sleeker cousin, with a similar design that looks a little more streamlined. This one boasts swooping lines for a clean, sharp look in all three standard finishes.

78R Uzi is downright restrained by comparison– that is, if “restrained” means “slightly more low-key than the previous ones while still being bad-ass”. Just because this one’s simpler in design doesn’t make it boring by any means. It’s got stripped-down spokes that are angled just a bit for an aggressive edge. This one’s great for no-nonsense drivers who just wanna get down to the simple business of off-roading without sacrificing style. You can grab these rims in all three standard finishes.

The last two are anything but low-key. If you wanna go all-out with flashy design, these are your best bet. 79R Assault has a star-shaped spoke layout that’ll stand out from the crowd in the city and on the trail. The chrome and solid black finishes are impressive already, and then the CNC milled black finish adds an extra kick. Meanwhile, 87R Blade comes in just two standard finishes, chrome and gloss black milled, and that’s really all you need. This rim features an ultra-aggressive look that might even outshine the rest of your truck. These two rims will definitely take your rig to a whole new level of epic.

To see all of RBP’s rims, go here: RBP Wheels.

To order RBP wheels for your ride, call us at 1-800-232-0734. Our wheel and tire experts have decades of experience in the custom wheel business and they can tell you everything you need to know for picking the right wheels and tires for your truck, Jeep, SUV, or car. Getting the right fitment isn’t just important, it’s essential. With our help, you’re sure to get the wheels and tires that have the best fit for your vehicle and for your driving needs. We guarantee fitment!

new 2016 rbp rolling big power off road truck wheels rims

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