New 2016 US Mags Wheels – Custom, Vintage, Classic, Hot Rod, Muscle

new 2016 us mags custom wheels rims

New 2016 US Mags Rims: U112 & U113 Big Slot, U114 & U115 200s, U116 & U118 Hustler, U122 & U124 Milner. Chrome, Gunmetal, Silver, Black Milled.

U.S. Mags is the leading wheel brand for that classic style– and that’s because they have the history to back up their reputation. They’re not just imitating vintage custom wheels style, they created it. Rooted in the 1960s, U.S. Mags has decades of racing and hot rod heritage, and that’s the foundation that the modern company grew from. So it’s no wonder that they’re the top dog for custom classic wheels with that essential American muscle car look. U.S. Mags wheels aren’t just great designs– they’re iconic American racing history. And they’re not just a big name with a long past, the brand has the innovative manufacturing and design to keep their rims just as relevant to the future as they are to the past.

For 2016, the new U.S. Mags certainly don’t disappoint. These new wheels are sure to satisfy long-term fans of the brand, as well as grabbing the notice of new fans. They carry on the legacy of no-nonsense styles and functional but beautiful designs. These are sturdy, impressive wheels that will enhance any vintage or modern car. First up, we have U112/U113 Big Slot; this rim doesn’t have a fancy look, because it doesn’t need to. This one’s ideal for drivers who want a clean, simple, robust look for their vintage ride. In a similar line, the Hustler U116/U118 has wide, flat spokes that are also very to-the-point with their styling. Despite the name, there’s no hustle going on with these wheels– you get an up-front, blunt look. As usual, there’s a minimum of fuss and frills with U.S. Mags rims. The other two rims are a bit flashier, for those who crave that iconic hot rod look. We have the U114/U115 200s, with a style that looks a little bit like a vintage airplane propellor. It’s a timeless spoke design that’ll never get outdated. Then there’s U122/U124 Milner, which strikes a balance between vintage and modern style. It’d be equally at home on classic sports cars and modern luxury vehicles.

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new 2016 us mags custom wheels rims

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