New 2016 Fuel Wheels – Off Road, Beadlock, Custom, Truck, Jeep, SUV

new 2016 fuel off road custom wheels rims

New 2016 Fuel Rims: Anza D583, Assault D576, Turbo D582, Cleaver D573/D574, Coupler D575, Flow D587, Recoil D584/D585, Vector D580/D579, Titan D588, Renegade D264.

Fuel Off-Road is the top dog in off-road wheels, there’s no question about that. And they’ve earned that spot at the top through years of producing the best wheels around for off-road enthusiasts. Their rims are ideal for anyone who lives to ditch the city streets and hit the rocks, sand, mud, or dirt track. They’ve got fitments for lifted and stock trucks alike, as well as dually fitments. Fuel’s products have gotten the ultimate road tests from the toughest off-road fanatics and they pass with flying colors every time. On top of that tested and proven quality, you’ve got rim styles that are just as aggressive and impressive as their performance. These are hardcore designs that scream bad-ass. Their looks range from clean and simple to audacious and flashy, but they’re all great styles; Fuel likes to offer a little something great for every taste.

This year’s no exception, with 2016’s selection bringing the bad-ass to new levels. Once again we see a range of rims, from both ends of the style spectrum and everything in the middle. The list is impressively long, so let’s dive in. We’ve got the newest Anza, D583, in striking matte bronze with a black beadring style lip. This newest, bold finish to the hit Anza wheel is certain to make your rig stand out from everyone else on the trail. Then there’s a new twist on the Assault, D576; this one takes the wheel’s original matte black milled finish and gives it a glossy black finish, making the milled spokes stand out even more. Next is an all-new rim, Turbo D582. This one’s available in 6 and 8 lugs, with different spoke patterns for each version. The Turbo rim has a simple but futuristic look, guaranteed to turn heads on the road. Take a look also at Cleaver, D573 and D574. In chrome or gloss black milled, this one is definitely dominating the flashy end of that style spectrum we mentioned. If you’re gonna go big, then you’d better go real big and own it; that’s certainly the statement that these highly aggressive wheels make with their blade-shaped spokes.

Next is Coupler D575, in a new finish for this style. It’s now available in a solid gloss black– no milling, no machining, just straight-up smooth black to accentuate your ride. Then there’s another new rim, Flow D587 in 6 or 8 lugs. This one’s similar to Turbo, but with a more streamlined look. The milled edges on the flat spokes give it a razor-sharp appearance and it’s sure to cut through the competition with those sharp looks. The next new rim is Recoil D584 and D585. This one’s on the more simple and clean-cut end, with a blunt and straightforward style. Both versions have a black beadring lip, with either a matte black or brushed face.

There’s also the all-new Vector D580/D579, in the same finish options as Recoil. This one’s a similar-looking wheel, ideal for those who want a tough off-road style without any b.s. or frills. If you want wheels that highlight your no-nonsense attitude, grab Recoil or Vector. Meanwhile, the new Titan D588 adds tons of style on top of substance, with attention-grabbing forked spokes in a gloss black milled finish. Finally, we have a new finish for the popular 2-piece Renegade wheel– D264 Renegade, in milled black with a chrome lip. The Renegade wheel has been an outstanding choice thanks to its sleek styling, and this striking new finish is bound to make the rim even more popular.

To see all of Fuel’s rim choices: Fuel Off-Road Wheels.

To order Fuel rims for your truck or SUV, call us at 800-232-0734. Our wheel experts have decades of experience in the custom wheel business and they’ll help you pick the perfect rims and tires for your ride. Getting the right fitment is the most important thing of all, so let us assist you in finding the wheels and tires that are a perfect match for your vehicle, budget, and driving needs. We guarantee fitment!

new 2016 fuel off road custom wheels rims

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