Spec-1 Racing Wheels – Track, Staggered, Street, Luxury, Custom

spec 1 racing wheels rims

Spec-1 Racing Wheels: SP Series, SP-1, SP-3, Trak Edition, SP-6, SP-16, SP-9. Trak Series, SPT-5, SPT-7, SPT-9, SPT-17. Monotec Series, SPM-75, SPM-78, SPM-78R.

Spec-1 Racing is a fairly new name in the business, but they’re gaining ground quickly. The custom wheel business is competitive, so you can’t just come to the table with any old wheels and expect to carve a name for yourself. That’s why Spec-1 is hitting hard with futuristic designs and top-quality manufacturing techniques, creating custom rims that look like they’re straight off an exotic European sports car, at way more reasonable prices. Whether you’ve got a fancy sports car, a custom car, or even a more mundane ride, these wheels will add a serious kick to your vehicle. And of course they offer staggered fitments, for that ultra aggressive street look. This company is making some noise and creating some waves with their wheels, so keep an eye out for them to hit the big leagues soon. Expect them to come for the top dogs in the custom wheel business with the intent to rise to the top.

There’s a whole lot of wheels offered up by Spec-1, and they have three different lines. The basic Spec-1 Racing line contains their standard one-piece wheels, featuring innovative designs that pack a lot of luxury style. Quite a few of their wheels offer an optional red accent finish, such as SP-2, SP-12, SP-15. SP-17. These wheels feature black and machined finishes, with those red accents adding to the high-end look of the wheel and boosting its appeal. SP-19 brings a lot of racing style to the table, with a design that’d be right at home on the track. All of the Racing wheels come in a striking black machined finish, and the rims range in style from simple and restrained (such as SP-4) to bold and out of the ordinary (such as SP-16).

Their second line is Monotec; these rims boast a simulated 3-piece look with interchangeable rivets, perfect for those who want that 3-piece luxury rim style without the 3-piece luxury rim price tag. These are all striking concave wheels that command attention. Especially noteworthy are SPM-78 and SPM-78R. These ones share a star-shaped spoke pattern; the regular SPM-78 has a machined center, and 78R brings in some classy red detailing. It’s a great-looking wheel that’ll add some major luxury to your ride.

Then there’s the Trak line, which boasts wheels that are made to meet even the toughest performance standards. Be sure to take a look at SPT-5, with a slim-spoke design that speaks of sports car elegance. By contrast, SPT-7 is hefty and aggressive for a bolder statement. This selection of wheels is sure to make your ride look like it just arrived off the race circuit.

To see all of the Spec-1 rims: Spec-1 Wheels.

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spec 1 racing wheels rims

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  1. I want custom painted wheels to match my new 2016 Chevy silverado Lt z71. The color is siren red tintcoat it has 18s thinking about 20 inch rims l like Moro metal

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