New 2016 Dub Wheels – Staggered, Cast, Street, Custom, Forged, Concave

new 2016 dub wheels rims staggered

New 2016 Dub Rims: S202 LIT, S203 LIT, S210 Attack 5, S210 Attack 6, S215 Attack 5, S211 Attack 6. Chrome, black machined, dark tint, brushed. Big sizes.

If you want the ultimate staggered street wheels, Dub is your number one top choice. The Dub brand name has become the standard for audacious wheels that command attention and back up their looks with top quality. They’ve carved out a reputation in the competitive custom rim market with their huge diameters, staggered fitments, and boldly designed spinners and skirts. When you get Dub rims, you know you’re gonna get rockstar custom style at a reasonable price. This brand is the very definition of “go big or go home”– and if you’re looking to put Dub wheels on your ride, chances are you’re not the “go home” type. They’re the ideal rims for classic cars, custom-made vehicles, and they fit all sizes of vehicles from cars to SUVs and light trucks. Pair them with low profile tires for that ultimate high-end street cruiser look.

Compared to some of Dub’s more ostentatious rims, this year’s new offerings might seem downright modest at first glance. But then you look again– because these wheels are bound to turn heads– and you realize that they’re anything but restrained. 2016’s new rims are all about looks that are clean-cut and nonsense-free; these designs are bold and aggressive without getting too fancy. They go right to the basics of awesome street style.

The first one is LIT, S202 and S203. This rim comes in chrome, or gloss black with brushed accents. It’s got a very lean look, packing both style and substance. If you want a wheel that says “let’s cut to the chase, my ride’s better than yours”, then this one’s your rim. Next is Attack 5 S210/S215 and Attack 6 S210/S211. Available in a five-spoke or six-spoke design, this one’s equally as aggressive as its name. It has a design that’s sharp and futuristic, for drivers who want that extra bad-ass edge on their ride. Attack comes in chrome, gloss black with a brushed face, or black machined with double dark tint.

To see all of Dub’s rim offerings, go to: Dub Wheels.

To order Dub rims, call us at 1-800-232-0734. Our expert team has decades of experience in the custom wheel business, and with their help, you’ll get the best wheels and tires for your car, truck, or SUV. It’s vital to get the right fitment, so let us help you get the wheels and tires that perfectly fit your budget, your lifestyle, and your driving needs. We guarantee fitment!

new 2016 dub wheels rims staggered


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