Landsail Tires: Why they are the best affordable choice

Lansail Tires

Dealing with a lot of customers with custom wheels and tires, one of the biggest questions I hear is, “What is the cheapest tire with the best quality I can get?” Well, that answer is simple, Landsail Tires.

Landsail tires are great quality tires and they are super inexpensive. I would recommend these all day long to anyone on a budget. Every day thousands of people across the nation buy used tires for their vehicles. Used tires are a huge industry. Why buy something that has been rode on for who knows how many thousands of miles when you can just pay about $30-$50 more for a brand new Landsail tire? You will get four times as much life out of it. So, do the math with me. If you buy four used tires for $35 a piece that is $140. Or you can get a brand new Landsail tire for $70, that is $280 for four. That is a $140 difference. But you will have to replace those worn used tires three times in the total lifespan of brand new Landsail tires. In total, you will have spent $420 over the lifespan of a $280 brand new set from Landsail.

When you break it down like that, it makes sense to always buy new tires. You should do that anyways not only for your safety, but everyone else’s safety that rides in the vehicle with you. This is why we suggest going with a brand like Landsail tires.

Tires are essential to drive. You can’t avoid it. It’s a fact of life. Those tires need to be replaced after a certain period of time for your safety and everyone else around you on the road ways.

Different models of Landsail Tires:

The six different Landsail models to choose from are CLV1, CLV2, LS288, LS388, LS588 and the LS988. The most popular of the Landsail tires in my eyes is the LS588 and the LS988.

Let’s go over each of the models with a quick over view:

CLV1: High-speed highway performance for SUVs, light trucks, and 4X4s

CLV2: features enhanced stability tread design and stylishly civilized good looks.

LS288: Engineered for a quiet ride and superior traction.

LS388: Advanced compounding is formulated to help save fuel with every mile you travel, while the tread design works to keep you stable and comfortable as the miles pile up.

LS588: Ultra-high performance for luxury/sport vehicles…and for all seasons. The LS588 is the ideal blend of grippy dry road handling, wet road hydroplaning resistance and special 3-D sipes that even enhance traction in the ice and snow. You can have it all!

LS988: Crisp cornering and excellent high-speed stability on dry roads. Confident braking in the rain.

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