The Brand New 2017 Models for Moto Metal Wheels

Some of the new 2017 models are: MO984 Shift, MO983 Dagger, MO982 Amp, MO981 Spade, MO979 Buckshot and last but not least the MO978 Razor rims.

Last year, Moto Metal only released one new model for their line but this year they have came through and really did a fantastic job with all the six new wheel models available for 2017. One of the most unique but also one of our most favorite of the new models is the MO979 Buckshot. It is outlined into the shape of a shotgun barrel for the spokes and around the lip is the double barrel. The creativity behind the creation of that wheel is awesome. Moto Metal understands that most people don’t want to have such unique designs so that is why the rest of the models cater to you. They really did a good job to create a design for everyone’s wheel taste.

The new wheel models for 2017 are:

MO978 Razor – Available in Satin Black Machined, Satin Black w/ Red Tinted Clear
MO979 Buckshot – Available in Chrome w/ Gunmetal Inserts, Satin Black w/ Gunmetal Inserts
MO981 Spade – Available in Chrome, Gloss Black Machined
MO982 Amp – Available in Gloss Black Milled
MO983 Dagger – Available in Gloss Black Milled, Gray Milled
MO984 Shift  – Available in Matte Gray w/ Gloss Black Inserts, Matte Black w/ Gloss Black Inserts

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2017 Moto Metal Wheels and Rims

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