New 2018 Motegi Racing Custom Wheels

Coming to us from the manufacturers at Motegi Racing for the new line of 2018 models we have: MR136, MR137, MR138 and MR139 for their single wheels. For the newest Two Piece Custom rims the fine people at Motegi Racing bring us: MR400 Technomesh D, MR402 Formula, MR403, MR404, MR405 and MR406. Looking at these wheels, first and foremost aside from the stunning attention to detail alongside with their vibrant paint jobs and immaculate designs, the price will be the first thing to jump at you. For what these wheels are going for you’ll be hard-pressed to believe you can snag these amazing products at such a great value. Between their newest colors of Hyper Silver, White and Rally Gold, there are all sorts of options available to give the appearance of your vehicle a boost in appearance.

You can view the latest additions from Motegi Racing along with their previous lines here: Motegi Racing

If any of these new Motegi Racing have caught your attention or you have questions about sizes and fitting. please call us so we can help you out. 800-232-0734. Our wheel and tire experts can help you with any question you might have. Getting proper fitting wheels and tires can be tricky, that’s why you should always talk to our experts first. With so many bolt patterns and offsets to choose from, we make sure you get the right wheels. Our wheel and tire experts are available 8:30am-6pm EST Monday through Friday and 10am-4pm EST Saturday. We also have guaranteed fitment or your money back. That way you know you are ordering from a trusted company. We have been in business since 1985 and selling on the web since 1999.

Be sure to click on the link above to see all the sizes, colors and prices. Keep in mind we do offer FREE shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. if you order a set of wheels or a set of wheels and tires.


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