New And Re-Invented Rims From Black Rhino Wheels For 2018!

April 18, 2018 0

The brand new 2018 Black Rhino wheels are on our shelves and after not releasing any models for almost 8 years, they’ve come out strong with several amazing designs. The new additions are: Alpine, Arsenal, Barstow, Boxer, Cog, Combat, Crawler, Crossover, Cyclone, Diamante, Fury, Garrison Bead lock, Gusset, Havasu, Highland, Journey, Katavi, Kunene, Locker, Roku, Rotorua, Rush, Safari, Shrapnel, Swerve, Timbavati, Zion 5 lug, and Zion 6 lug wheels. My favorite design and finish is from the Boxer line, in Gloss Gold because who doesn’t love intricate designs coupled with an outlandishly vibrant finish? That, and of course, because it’s gold. Don’t take my word for how striking these wheels are, just have a gander at our Black Rhino wheels that are in stock, here […]

New 2018 Niche Wheels Are For Sale

March 28, 2018 0

All the new 2018 Niche rims and models: M192 M193 Altair, M190 M191 Gamma, M194 M195 Methos, M188 Milan, M119 Misano, M096 M097 M098 M099 Elan, M196 M197 M213 Sector, M203 M204 M209 Vosso. Niche has dropped a ton of new wheels this year and they look good! There is a size, style and color finish for everyone out there. They have everything from bronze, candy red, gunmetal, silver and chrome to all two tone black and satin black. Such a wide variety. This is what makes such a good wheel line when you have so many different styles for everyone’s tastes. An interesting note about Niche wheels is that the small center caps in the middle of the rims are compatible with BMW, MBZ […]

Newly Added Hardcore Off-Road Wheels To Our Site

March 14, 2018 2

The new Hardcore Off-road rims added to our site are amazing. The new HC05 Blade Runner, HC08 Brut and the HC09 Rock Solid are going to get heads turning on your truck or Jeep anywhere you go. Each model comes in gloss black milled and chrome. Right now the trending truck and Jeep wheels are the black wheels. They are in the “in style” but for good reason. They just look good on almost every vehicle color out there. Hardcore off-road wheels did a great job designing their rims to keep up with what is current in the industry. I personally think you will see a lot for styles coming out from these guys in the very near future. Check out the wheels here: Hardcore Off-Road […]

New 2018 Models From American Racing Vintage Wheels

March 12, 2018 0

See all the brand new American Racing Vintage rims that are out for 2018. The new American Racing Vintage models include: VN506, VN507, VN508 and VN509 in various assortments of finishes ranging from vibrant chrome, easy on the eyes, satin black, vintage silver, magnesium gray and gloss black. These wheels are the definition of phenomenal. Their overall quality is that of a luxury wheel too from the 50’s. All around, American Racing is an amazing company if you haven’t given American Racing Vintage a look yet, please make sure you check them out. You can see all models, sizes, colors, and prices here on our website: Amerian Racing Vintage Wheels Why buy your wheels from Hubcap-Tire-Wheel? Based in West Palm Beach, Florida we have been […]

From The Race Track To The Streets: 2018 American Racing Custom Rims

March 8, 2018 0

Presenting the new 2018 rims from the manufacturers at American Racing Custom Wheels for your hotrod or cars that you wish were hotrods: AR920 with its simple but refined Charcoal and Satin Black finishes. AR924 in sleek Graphite and luxurious Satin Black. AR926 with its eye-popping Chrome or elegant looking Gloss Black with milling and lastly, AR927 Barrage in classic Satin Black finish that will provide your vehicle with wheels that will break necks as you drive by. From the race track to the streets, the one constant in these wheels is there ability to innovate. American made and American named, it’ll be impossible to have a glimpse of the models being produced by American Racing without wanting to throw your money at us to […]

Luxury Meets The Trail: Asanti OffRoad Wheels

February 26, 2018 0

Have a glimpse of the Asanti OffRoad Wheels currently being made by one of the most luxurious rim producers on the market: AB807, AB808, AB809, AB810, AB811, and AB812 are featured for Asanti’s OffRoad series. Taking luxury as we know it to a new level by delivering original designs alongside immaculate finish options. Durable, lightweight, varying designs, numerous color choices, and a forging process that modifies the composition of the metal used in the construction process at a molecular level.  My favored wheel from this line is the AB810 in chrome, that has a design akin to a saw blade of epic proportions, in chrome. Don’t worry if Chrome isn’t your style, a good amount of these wheels come in Satin Black, Gloss Black or Matte […]

New 2018 Motegi Racing Custom Wheels

February 23, 2018 0

Coming to us from the manufacturers at Motegi Racing for the new line of 2018 models we have: MR136, MR137, MR138 and MR139 for their single wheels. For the newest Two Piece Custom rims the fine people at Motegi Racing bring us: MR400 Technomesh D, MR402 Formula, MR403, MR404, MR405 and MR406. Looking at these wheels, first and foremost aside from the stunning attention to detail alongside with their vibrant paint jobs and immaculate designs, the price will be the first thing to jump at you. For what these wheels are going for you’ll be hard-pressed to believe you can snag these amazing products at such a great value. Between their newest colors of Hyper Silver, White and Rally Gold, there are all sorts of […]

Newest 2018 Custom Model Rims by ATX Series Wheels

February 20, 2018 0

This year for ATX Series 2018 custom model line up, they’ve hit the ball out the park with their eye-catching products. With new additions such as their new satin black AX204 Baja Dually wheel, alongside their new AX203 in gloss black and P.V.D Chrome wheels, you’re guaranteed to see a wheel that you’ll be automatically drawn to. With their clean, stylized and original take on rims, anyone would be hardpressed to resist the urge of putting these wheels on their truck to really make the appearance of your vehicle truly, pop.It’s The AX203 model whether in its gloss black color or in P.V.D is my favorite. It’s reminiscent of rims with spokes, but in a toned down fashion with an amazing gear pattern along the […]

New 2018 Model Rims From KMC Wheels

February 12, 2018 0

The brand new wheels from KMC are out now and are taking the market by storm! If you haven’t heard of them yet, they’re definitely a brand worth remembering. 2018 for the manufacturers at KMC is reminiscent of its previous years, keeping it sleek and elegant for their new lines. This year’s additions to KMC wheels consist of: KM706 Impact, KM707 Channel, KM708 Bully, KM709 Flux and KM710 Takedown. I’m loving what KMC has produced this year. From their diverse stylings and impeccable color choices. KMC wheels tend to stick to the tried and true colors, Matte, Satin and Gloss Black, accompanied by Matte Bronze as well as Brushed Silver finished rims, alongside the newly added Charcoal finish. Black being one of the most in […]

The New 2018 Fuel Offroad 1pc Dually Wheels

February 8, 2018 0

The brand new style that Fuel Dually wheels has put out this year for 2018 is the D581 Triton. This Gloss Black and Milled wheel is a thing of beauty. Right now, Fuel has five models out for their one-piece line. Those models include D574 Cleaver (Gloss Black & Milled), D536 Maverick (Chrome), D538 Maverick (Matte Black & Milled), D513 Throttle (Matte Black & Milled), and of course as mentioned above the D581 Triton (Gloss Black & Milled). What is great about these Fuel Dually wheels is that they are affordable. Once you get into the two-piece or the forged lines, their prices will double to quadruple. You can get the same style and look for a fraction of the price with the one piece […]

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