New 2015 Status Wheels – Street Style, Racing, Staggered, Custom

new 2015 status alloy wheels rims

New 2015 Status rims: S837 Haze, S835 Fantasy, S836 Hurricane, S832 Toro, S833 Twerk. Chrome, Machined Black, Custom Finish, Gloss Black, Chrome Inserts.

For Status Alloy, status isn’t just a name, it’s a description too. This brand stands out in the street-style wheels market with their striking designs. Their line of wheels has become popular already and these new styles are sure to add even more to the brand’s “Status”. The new rims are noteworthy for their bold looks and brash colors.

The new S837 Haze will add unforgettable style to your ride, available in black or chrome, with inserts that can be customized in a wide range of vivid colors. Its design is aggressive, but not overly loud. This is a rim that will command attention for any type of car.

S835 Fantasy is an unusual design, with curved spokes that feature a two-tone look, thanks to the inserts provided. Stick with the chrome and black options, or go with a bold custom color. Either way, the Fantasy rims will leave people on the street doing a double-take.

Next is the S836 Hurricane, which will turn heads just as fast as a real hurricane uproots trees. Its swirling spokes are eye-grabbing to say the least, and when you add in custom finishes like green on black, or red on chrome, they’ll get noticed even more.

The first three styles are a tough act to follow, but the last two new rims are not to be overlooked. The S832 Toro features spiky, forked spokes; charge down the street with these on your ride and watch people take notice. S833 Twerk has sharp, angular spokes that are attention-grabbing without being too over the top, perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement in a refined way. Both wheels are available in glossy black and shiny chrome.

To see the complete line of Status Alloy rims: Status Wheels.

When you’re ready to order the Status rims that are perfect for your car, call us at 1-800-232-0734. Our wheel and tire experts have decades of combined experience in the business and they know exactly how to help you get the right fitment for your car. Getting the exact fitment you need is important, and our experts can help you optimize your ride. Get the right fitment, guaranteed!

new 2015 status alloy wheels rims

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