New 2015 Lexani Wheels – Luxury Alloy, Forged, Sport, Concave

new 2015 lexani wheels rims

New 2015 Lexani rims: Invictus-Z, Polaris, Hydra. Mono block, exposed lug, covered lug, black machined, chrome, stainless steel lip, competition and 1-piece.

For anyone wanting to add luxury rims to their ride, the biggest name in the business is Lexani. Their reputation is well known by now, and they have definitely earned it. The Lexani product line is quite diverse, featuring sport rims, custom finishes, competition rims, forged alloy rims, and mono block wheels. All of their wheels feature stand-out designs, ranging from understated and subtle to outrageously flashy. The Lexani catalogue makes a boast of “the world’s largest selection of optional custom finishes”, and it’s an easy statement to believe. The range of custom colors available has something to suit every taste, from shiny and eye-grabbing metallics to bold but restrained yellow accents on black wheels.

The new offerings this year are few in number, but they make a big statement. The first new wheel is bound to be a big one– the Invictus-Z from the Sport Series. It features a simple five-spoke design, but with a dramatic concave shape. The big new design feature of this wheel: the removable, customizable aluminum spoke extenders, which give the wheel its memorable look. Between the extenders and the wheel itself, there are endless options for customizing. The four base colors of the wheel are also noteworthy: black with machined face and stainless steel lip, solid black with a stainless steel lip, gloss black with a machined face, and gunmetal with a stainless steel lip.

Next is the second new wheel, the Hydra. It features a very unique spoke design, with sharp angles and heavy lines creating a look that’s appealingly aggressive. While the full range of Lexani custom colors are available, the base wheels also have tons of options. You can choose from chrome, black and machined with a stainless steel lip, or black with a machined face. All three are available with exposed lugs or covered lugs.

The third new wheel has a look that’s right out of a sci-fi movie– Polaris, with curving, swooping spokes that are bound to turn heads on the street. This one is available in just two base color options– black with a machined face and stainless steel lip, or black with a machined face. On both, the black background of the wheel very nicely accentuates the shine of the machined face. Take a look at this wheel with custom color options– it pops in yellow, red, and blue.

To see the full range of Lexani rims: Lexani Wheels.

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new 2015 lexani wheels rims

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