Borghini Wheels Have Just Been Added To The Site

July 31, 2015 0

We have just launched the Borghini rims line on our site.  There are a lot of styles to choose from from chrome to black and machined and sizes ranging from 17″ to a staggering 28″. The Borghini wheels line has a sleek and luxury look to them. They will give you that million dollar look without breaking the bank account. Check the out: Borghini Wheels If you have any type of fitment questions, please give us a call at 800-232-0734 and our wheel and tire experts who have over 80 years of combined experience will help you out. We guarantee fitment on your vehicle or your money back. No hassles.

New 2015 Redbourne Wheels – Land Rover, Range Rover, Custom, Luxury

July 27, 2015 0

New 2015 Redbourne Rims: Hampshire, matte black, gloss black machined, silver machined. Hub centric, vehicle specific, SUV wheels. Getting the right wheel for your car involves more than just the right fitment—you’ve got to find that perfect look that will optimize your ride, too. Luckily for Land Rover drivers, Redbourne is there to get you what you need. One of the many Good Roads brands, Redbourne Wheels is a company that caters exclusively to Land Rover owners. Their rims are designed to match the needs of those iconic vehicles, engineered for their load bearing requirements and drilled to have perfect fitment on Land Rovers. Not only that, they’re styled to look great on Land Rovers, enhancing their classic look of rugged dependability and high-end elegance. […]

2012 GMC Sierra – 22×12 American Force Polished Independence SS6 Rims

July 24, 2015 0

Look at Kenny’s 2012 GMC Sierra with 22×12 American Force Polished Independence SS wheels on it. Check out the final results. We think it came out great! Another happy customer. Kenny, enjoy your new wheels! If you would like to see this American Force wheel or any other American Force wheels: click here

New 2015 Verde Wheels – Concave, Custom, Directional, Sport, Street

July 24, 2015 0

New 2015 Verde Rims: V99 Axis, V25 Quantum, V44 Empire, V93 Shift, V27 Saga, V24 Invictus, V26 Boost. Finishes: black/graphite/chrome/gold/white/bronze. Good Roads is the home to a number of popular wheel brands, and each one brings something unique to the table. Among these brands, Verde Wheels brings a big serving of hot new styles and fresh designs, giving a new twist to a lot of classic looks. Their wheels look great on any type of vehicle, from adding extra flash to commuter cars to enhancing the glamour of luxury cars. And all of Verde’s wheels are custom made to buyer specifics, so you know you’re getting a rim that’s just right for your vehicle. There’s a number of new rims from Verde in 2015 and […]

New 2015 XO Luxury Wheels – Concave, Staggered, Custom, Sport, Racing

July 23, 2015 0

New 2015 XO Luxury Rims: Sydney, St. Thomas, Dubai, Verona, Caracas. High offset, vehicle specific, custom fitment. Chrome, silver, matte black, gunmetal. Whether you have a luxury car, or if you just want to add some high-end style to elevate your ride, XO Luxury offers a stunning range of luxury-inspired wheel designs. They’ve become known for their beautifully designed wheels and innovative methods—each set of wheels is made to the customer’s exact fitment specifications. And naturally, all are made for top level performance and top quality. XO Luxury’s wheel line is fairly small, but the selection of styles is impressive and covers the range from very traditional to being a bit flashier. But there’s no BS here, and all of these styles are clean-cut and […]

New 2015 Beyern Wheels – BMW, Luxury, Staggered Fitment, Sport

July 22, 2015 0

New 2015 Beyern rims: Munich, two-piece, multi-piece, cast and forged, silver and machined, chrome lip, matte black. Custom wheels, custom fitment. Beyern Wheels has made a name for themselves in a very specific category of the custom wheel business. They do one thing, and they make sure that they do it well: they design custom rims for BMW owners. Their wheel line is small, but with the quality that they offer, it doesn’t really need to be expanded. The styles that Beyern serves up are very refined, just right for drivers of luxury vehicles who want to give their ride’s timeless looks a boost. They create wheel designs that are simple and low-key, and they’re very classic-looking. This year sees only one new addition to […]

New 2015 Velocity Wheels – Luxury, Car, SUV, Racing, Sport, Staggered

July 22, 2015 0

New 2015 Velocity rims: VW16, VW17A, VW17B, VW18, VW19, VW20. Black and machined, chrome, solid black finishes, high performance, sport truck applications. Velocity has become known for a line of wheels that look great and perform even better. Their styles are refined and understated, providing an upgrade to your ride that is eye-catching but still classy. There’s even a few styles thrown in with a bit more splash to their looks, for those that want to go a little bolder. The new wheels for 2015 fall nicely in line with Velocity’s tradition of simple but commanding styles, with classic finishes and clean-cut lines. All are available in chrome, solid black, and black with machined faces. The first new wheel, VW16, has crisscrossing spokes that create a […]

New 2015 Lexani Wheels – Luxury Alloy, Forged, Sport, Concave

July 10, 2015 0

New 2015 Lexani rims: Invictus-Z, Polaris, Hydra. Mono block, exposed lug, covered lug, black machined, chrome, stainless steel lip, competition and 1-piece. For anyone wanting to add luxury rims to their ride, the biggest name in the business is Lexani. Their reputation is well known by now, and they have definitely earned it. The Lexani product line is quite diverse, featuring sport rims, custom finishes, competition rims, forged alloy rims, and mono block wheels. All of their wheels feature stand-out designs, ranging from understated and subtle to outrageously flashy. The Lexani catalogue makes a boast of “the world’s largest selection of optional custom finishes”, and it’s an easy statement to believe. The range of custom colors available has something to suit every taste, from shiny […]

New 2015 Status Wheels – Street Style, Racing, Staggered, Custom

July 10, 2015 0

New 2015 Status rims: S837 Haze, S835 Fantasy, S836 Hurricane, S832 Toro, S833 Twerk. Chrome, Machined Black, Custom Finish, Gloss Black, Chrome Inserts. For Status Alloy, status isn’t just a name, it’s a description too. This brand stands out in the street-style wheels market with their striking designs. Their line of wheels has become popular already and these new styles are sure to add even more to the brand’s “Status”. The new rims are noteworthy for their bold looks and brash colors. The new S837 Haze will add unforgettable style to your ride, available in black or chrome, with inserts that can be customized in a wide range of vivid colors. Its design is aggressive, but not overly loud. This is a rim that will […]