New 2015 Verde Wheels – Concave, Custom, Directional, Sport, Street

new 2015 verde wheels rims

New 2015 Verde Rims: V99 Axis, V25 Quantum, V44 Empire, V93 Shift, V27 Saga, V24 Invictus, V26 Boost. Finishes: black/graphite/chrome/gold/white/bronze.

Good Roads is the home to a number of popular wheel brands, and each one brings something unique to the table. Among these brands, Verde Wheels brings a big serving of hot new styles and fresh designs, giving a new twist to a lot of classic looks.

Their wheels look great on any type of vehicle, from adding extra flash to commuter cars to enhancing the glamour of luxury cars. And all of Verde’s wheels are custom made to buyer specifics, so you know you’re getting a rim that’s just right for your vehicle. There’s a number of new rims from Verde in 2015 and they’re all worth taking a look at.

First up is Axis, with a sleek, forked spoke design that screams high-end luxury. It looks like the type of forged wheel you’d find on the most high-level of super cars. It comes in two exotic finishes, graphite and bronze—definitely out of the ordinary. The new Invictus rim is just as bold as its name, with a pattern of six broad, flat spokes; it’s a look that takes no crap and will leave no set of eyes unturned on the street.

The Quantum wheel has a sci-fi look, with slanted spokes that have an open design. It’s a sharp and spiky look and the matte graphite finish adds to its cool allure. Next is the Boost, which definitely fits the motto of “go big or go home”. This one has an aggressive street-style look and comes in two brash colors, glossy gold with a machined lip and gloss bronze. Either one will get you noticed, guaranteed.

The Saga wheel looks as adventurous as it sounds, with long, forked spokes. It has a toothy look, and its satin black finish accentuates its simple but striking appearance. Following that is Empire, which also has a forked spoke pattern, with a more solid and straightforward appearance. It looks just as commanding as its name, and the graphite finish is definitely a no-nonsense style. Finally, there’s the Shift, which is probably the most low-key of the new wheels—but don’t think that low-key means dull. This matte black wheel has a very sturdy style that will subtly enhance the looks of your vehicle.

To see all of the Verde wheels from Good Road: Verde Wheels.

To order the perfect Verde wheels for your ride, call us at 1-800-232-0734. Our wheel and tire experts have decades of professional experience in the wheel business, and we will make sure that you get the best wheels and the right fitment for your vehicle. Whatever your driving needs, we’ll see to it that you are riding in style. We guarantee fitment!

new 2015 verde wheels rims

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