New 2015 XO Luxury Wheels – Concave, Staggered, Custom, Sport, Racing

new 2015 XO Luxury custom wheels rims

New 2015 XO Luxury Rims: Sydney, St. Thomas, Dubai, Verona, Caracas. High offset, vehicle specific, custom fitment. Chrome, silver, matte black, gunmetal.

Whether you have a luxury car, or if you just want to add some high-end style to elevate your ride, XO Luxury offers a stunning range of luxury-inspired wheel designs. They’ve become known for their beautifully designed wheels and innovative methods—each set of wheels is made to the customer’s exact fitment specifications. And naturally, all are made for top level performance and top quality.

XO Luxury’s wheel line is fairly small, but the selection of styles is impressive and covers the range from very traditional to being a bit flashier. But there’s no BS here, and all of these styles are clean-cut and classy, built to do their job and do it well. All of XO’s wheels come in large diameters, some starting at 19” but most start at 20”, and they’re well known for their staggered concave fitments.

There are several new styles for 2015, and all are equally impressive. They live up to the brand’s reputation for timeless looks that won’t ever look old fashioned. All of their wheels are named after glamorous cities, and they’re all designed with the famed qualities of those cities in mind. The new rims are no exception, and they all live up to their exotic namesakes very well.

The first new rim is Sydney, designed to emulate the unique architectural features of the famous opera house. It is made to resemble the forged wheels often seen on high-end luxury cars, with thin and detailed spokes. Next is Verona, which has a forked-spoke design that bristles with cutting-edge style; this one’s available in custom finishes and looks nicely aggressive in bold colors like candy red.

Next up is St. Thomas, which features a classic five-spoke design but with an eye-catching new twist: chromed accents along the edges of the spokes, giving it the high-end flashiness of the island paradise it’s named after. After that is Caracas, with a sleek and modern design that has a lot of artistic flair. The last new style is Dubai, having a star-shaped five spoke design that is enhanced by chromed stripes on the spokes. All of these new wheels are available in timeless finishes such as silver and black, and all of them are guaranteed to add a whole new level of refined attitude to your ride.

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To order XO Luxury rims for your ride, call us at 1-800-232-0734. We have a team of wheel and tire experts ready and waiting for your call, and they have decades of combined experience in the wheel business. With their help, you are guaranteed to get the perfect fitment for your vehicle. Let us assist you in optimizing your ride with the best wheels and the right tires.

new 2015 XO Luxury custom wheels rims

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