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new 2015 boss motorsports wheels rims

New 2015 Boss Motorsports Rims: Series 342, Series 354, Series 352, American Eagle Wheels. Gloss Black, Gunmetal, Superfinish, Machined, Black Pearl PVD.

Out of all the big names in the custom wheel market, American Eagle Wheel is one of the biggest and oldest. With wheels made in the USA and a long legacy of quality to their name, American Eagle and its brands are well known.

Boss Motorsports is one of their biggest brands, featuring wheels that have clean lines and classic styling. This is a wheel line with no BS, no messing around—just simple, solid designs that are built for high performance standards. Their wheels look great on any car or truck, but especially on sturdy muscle cars and classic trucks.

There are a few new offerings for 2015. Series 352 is the first new wheel, which boasts a simple but appealing design. It has ten spokes that look slender and elegant, and it comes in three classic finishes: silver, machined black, and solid black.

Series 342 has a very blunt and straightforward look—six flat, wide spokes, a style that means business. The black finish reveals additional details with machined grooves that run down the spokes and add a flash of eye-grabbing interest. Series 354 is a splashy new addition that’s bound to catch a lot of attention; it looks very old school, with wide spokes that taper inward and are edged with machined details, and a shiny center cap.

To see all of American Eagle’s Boss rims: Boss Wheels.

When you’re ready to order Boss rims for your ride, call us at 1-800-232-0734. Our wheel and tire experts have decades of combined experience in the business and they’re ready to assist you in finding the best wheels for your vehicle. No matter what your driving needs are, getting the proper fitment and the right style are crucial factors to optimizing your ride. Our wheel experts will help you get the perfect wheel and tire in the exact fitment you need, guaranteed.

new 2015 boss motorsports wheels rims

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