New 2016 Platinum Wheels – Staggered, Luxury, Car, SUV, Alloy

February 11, 2016 0

New 2016 Platinum by Ultra Rims: 410GN Divine, 432GN Elite, 433GN Hawk, 433U hawk, 434U Orion, 434SB Orion. Graphite, gloss black, satin black, diamond cut. Platinum may be a newer brand in the luxury wheel market, but they’ve made up for it by blasting to the top of the industry at high speed. They’ve proven their caliber with quality rims and high-tech manufacturing. It helps that they’ve got a sterling pedigree, too: their parent company is industry giant Ultra Wheels. Platinum offers a more high-end style than Ultra; while Ultra caters to the muscle car crowd, Platinum serves up elegant wheels in staggered fitments for the luxury market. Their designs are modern and refined, which is why their popularity has been so enduring since the […]

New 2016 ICW Racing Wheels – Tuner, Street, Performance, Alloy, Car, SUV

February 8, 2016 0

New 2016 ICW Racing Rims: Banshee 215MB, Mach 5 216B, Mach 5 216S, Drone 218MB, Sapporo 217MB. Machined black, silver, satin black. Low-pressure die-cast. If you’re a fan of “The Fast and the Furious” and its sequel, “2 Fast 2 Furious”, then you’ve already seen ICW Racing rims in action. The brand’s rims made appearances on the cars in both of those movies. With a credential like that to their name, you can guess that ICW Racing is a top-notch brand. They use specialized die-cast manufacturing processes to create aluminum wheels that are extra strong, ensuring a product that will stand up to any kind of driving and road conditions. These rims will last as long as their bad-ass looks. ICW’s wheels combine the style […]

New 2016 TIS Wheels – Luxury, Alloy, Custom, Car, Truck, Jeep, Sport

February 5, 2016 0

New 2016 TIS Rims: 538GB gunmetal & black, 536WB white & black, 539B satin black & black T-Star cap, 541BZ bronze/black, 541MB machined & black, 542B black. There are plenty of custom wheel makers that focus on luxury cars, and plenty that focus on off-road/truck applications, but not many specialize in both. TIS has been doing it for years though, and they’re at the top of their game. They started out with rims for sports cars, and those wheels have been heavy hitters in the business for a while now. Once TIS teamed up with Monster Energy to produce off-road wheels, they stepped up their game even more and proved they’re just as good at tough, rugged truck wheels as they are at making elegant […]

New 2016 Ultra Wheels – Motorsports, Off Road, Street, Car, Truck/Jeep

February 4, 2016 0

New 2016 Ultra Rims: 049BM/049C/049SB Predator Dually, 107GN/107SB Xtreme, 205BM/205SB/205C Tempest, 209BK Bent 7, 206BM/206C Vortex. Black milled, chrome. Ultra Wheel is a diverse brand with wheels in every category. They’ve got three divisions, and more than enough styles to suit any driver’s needs. Pro motorsports, off-road wheels, street rims with custom style– Ultra does it all. And all their rims have commanding designs with no detail spared. They’ve been known for 20 years now for their top-notch wheels and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down anytime soon. There’s new wheels across the board for 2016 and all of them go above and beyond what you’ve come to expect from Ultra. For truck enthusiasts, there’s a new dually version of Ultra’s popular Predator wheel. […]

New 2016 Motiv Wheels – Luxury, Alloy, Car, SUV, Staggered, Racing

February 2, 2016 0

New 2016 Motiv Luxury Rims: 417B Montage, 417MG Montage, 416BU Monterey, 416C Monterey. Black, machined black, graphite, chrome. One-piece die-cast, custom. There’s plenty of options for luxury wheels, but Motiv stands out at the top of the market. They’re known for high-level design and top of the line manufacturing, cranking out wheels that are made well and look great. Motiv has a consistent theme: their rims are restrained but not plain, and they’re always classy. Their styles are perfect for anyone who wants to add some intensity to their ride, without letting their wheels take the spotlight from their awesome vehicle. These rims enhance, not distract. Motiv offers staggered fitments for that aggressive look. And, yes, all of their wheels have names starting with “M”. There […]